At the first sign of termites, call the professionals at Orange Pest Control.

Termites cause serious, expensive damage to Florida businesses.

Our termite specialists quickly determine the specific species of termite on your commercial property to create a termite treatment plan that will control the termite population and deter them from causing further damage. Yearly inspections ensure that the termite population was eradicated and that they do not return.

A Termite Bond

Termite bonds are designed to protect your Florida commercial property from termites year after year. After your Orange Pest Control Termite Specialist rids your facility of termites, we perform yearly inspections to ensure that your property remains termite free.

Most insurance policies do not cover damage caused by termites. Preventing termites is the most effective way to protect your facility from extensive, expensive structural damage.

More on Termites

Subterranean termites are a common species of termite found in Florida. They live underground and consume the wood present in foundations of buildings. Often an effective elimination method for subterranean termites is bait stations and the targeted application of termicide to known areas of activity. Termite treatments happen outside the facility and there is no need for you to close for business when the termite treatment is being applied.

Termite Bait Systems – Using bait systems we can control colonies by luring them to the bait instead of your business. This method enables us to monitor the colony, discover the size of the population and determine the best way to eliminate them. The termites return to their tunnels carrying the termiticide present in the bait and spread it to the rest of the colony, effectively eradicating the infestation.

Termiticide – Termicide is an effective solution that is commonly used with other treatments to remove termites. We strategically place the pesticide in known areas of termite activity to control the population. This targeted approach removes current colonies and prevents new ones from returning.