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We are experts in pest control and lawn care for commercial properties.

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Our Process


Determining the source of your pest problem is our first objective. Our professional technicians begin with a survey of your commercial property. Checking for common outdoor and indoor pests enables our technicians to find the root cause of your problem and devise a plan to remove pests from your facility.  Not every company needs the same treatments. It’s important to us that we provide the correct method of treatment for your specific pest problems.


After complete inspection, your Orange Pest Control Technician will take care of your immediate concerns by removing pests from your property. This includes targeted, safe treatment inside your facility and removal of spider webs, wasp nests, and other insect dwellings from the exterior. Your technician will then spray a barrier around your commercial property to deter common household pests from entering.

There is no need for you close your business while we apply these treatments. All products we use are safe for use around your employees and customers, including pets.

Why Go Orange

Customer service is extremely important to us. Your appointment will be confirmed the day before your scheduled service. Your technician will become a familiar face and strongly aware of your property’s unique pest control needs.

Consistent service helps us determine the best way to address your pest issues and create effective treatment plans.

We guarantee our services. If you notice pests in or around your business in between scheduled service, your technician will happily return to eliminate the problem free of charge.


Orange Pest Control Can Remove All Your Commercial Property Pests for Good


Ant issues are very common in the state of Florida. From sugar ants crawling counters to fire ant colonies making your landscaping dangerous for your employees and customers, Orange Pest Control can ensure that these pests are eliminated from your property safely and quickly.

Our Commercial Pest Control treatment involve eliminating existing colonies and creating barriers to keep them from entering your place of business. Returning to your business on your scheduled service date can ensure that all species of ants are deterred from making their way into your shop or office space.

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Cockroaches make their way into many Florida businesses. Keeping them out is simple with Commercial Pest Control treatments. Upon initial inspection we will treat areas inside your business where cockroaches are gaining access. We then treat around your commercial property to create a barrier that prevents cockroaches from entering.

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Fleas not only cause discomfort for pets, but also bite and harm your employees and customers. Once fleas have entered your place of business, your Orange Pest Control Technician will apply a liquid treatment that removes the infestation. In 5-10 days we follow up with a second treatment which will eliminate any newly-hatched fleas. We encourage our customers to vacuum their facility twice each day in between treatments for the best results.

After the initial treatment, scheduled service of eco-safe flea treatments on your property can prevent these pests from bothering your customers and employees.

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Don’t deal with spiders in and around your property, call your Orange Pest Control Technician today.

With our Commercial Pest Control treatment we remove spider webs from the exterior of your facility and spray the perimeter of your property. This deters spiders and other pests from setting up shop and entering your place of business.

Say Goodbye to Spiders with Orange Pest Control


Silverfish are found in storage spaces and buildings across Florida and can cause damage to inventory and other items stored on your property. Commercial Pest Control treatments can prevent silverfish damage by eliminating existing populations and preventing them from entering your property in the future.

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Ticks are common in heavily wooded areas and can transmit serious diseases. Commercial Pest Control treatments around your property can deter these pests from making their way into your business.

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Whiteflies cause damage to plants and can lead to lackluster landscaping. Treatments remove existing populations of whiteflies and prevents them from returning to your palm trees.

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