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Common Bugs in Melbourne Florida

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Whenever you have unwanted pests in your home or lawn it can be an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situation. There is a reason the word bug has become synonymous with something annoying and dangerous. Here are the most common pests you may encounter in your Melbourne, FL home, and lawn:


People say, “Where there is one, there are thousands.” This rings true when dealing with roaches in Melbourne.  Sometimes called a palmetto bug, roaches typically hide in walls and crevices.  When you see them crawling out in the open, it is rare.  That one cockroach equals hundreds elsewhere in your walls, cabinets, or floors.  Keeping a clean home is the first defense against cockroaches in Melbourne, but if you find you have an infestation I suggest instead of trying home remedies to treat it yourself, call a reputable pest control company. We will have methods and treatments that will target all the problem areas and keep them away.


If you live in Melbourne Florida and I ask you, “What is the one bug that causes 5 Billion dollars in home damage every year?”, you would immediately say termites.  Termites are a major problem in Melbourne Florida and around the US.  Florida is a major breeding ground for termites because of the humid climate.  Termites love damp wood, so if you have any leaks or standing water make sure to fix it immediately.  If you see any flying termites or mud tubes around the outside of your home, then immediately call a reputable pest control company like Orange Pest Control in Melbourne Florida.  If fact, even if you don’t see them, you should still call them out to do a FREE termite inspection.  Our exterminators will be able to detect any infestation and stop it before you find yourself being eaten out of house and home.  We even give a 1 Million dollar guarantee with their termite protection service.

Fleas and Ticks

If you have pets you know that Melbourne Florida is riddled with fleas and ticks.  These pests can be some of the most annoying around the house because of the constant biting.  Both bugs dine on the blood of your pets and YOU.  Ticks spread diseases like Lyme disease & encephalitis.  To prevent fleas and ticks I suggest you use products like Advantage and Frontline Plus.  These do a good job of keeping them off your animals, but to get them out of your Melbourne yard and home, you need professional help from the likes of Orange Pest Control in Melbourne Florida.  We have treatments that are safe for your family and pets and will completely eliminate the fleas and ticks in and around your home.


Probably the most common pest in Melbourne is the ant.  There are many different types of ants, but the most problematic and dangerous is the fire ant.  These little bugs can spread like wildfire and pack a punch when they bit.  It’s extremely difficult to keep these bugs out of your beautiful lawn because they move so easily and colonize rapidly.  If you see an ant mound pop up you can guarantee you will see more very soon.  Over the counter ant control treatments are not very effective.  To get your lawn back looking its best and get rid of the very annoying ants call the excerpt exterminators at Orange Pest Control in Melbourne Florida to treat your lawn for ants and other lawn bugs.

Puss Caterpillar 

Finally, one of the more bizarre pests that have been found in Melbourne Florida is the puss caterpillar.  This caterpillar is unlike any other you have seen.  The puss caterpillar looks like a little ball of hair.  Its body is covered in hairs giving it an unusual look possibly for camouflage, but underneath this unalarming fuzz are poisonous spines that will hurt extremely when touched.  It is an instantly intense pain that you cannot ignore.  The sting has been said to be worse than a scorpion in terms of pain.  If you see these in your yard stay very far away and keep your distance.  You don’t want to get hit by one of these buggers.

If you are in need of any pest control in Melbourne contact Orange Pest Control in Melbourne, Florida. We can take care of any pest infestation from any of these bugs and pests, any rodent problems, and get your lawn back to looking its best.

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